"I wouldn't advise it because you'll be kidnapped."

“How to Steal A Million Barrels of Oil" NPR's Planet Money (October 2014)


- EGYPT - 

"There's no conceivable scenario where the Egyptian army would need that many tanks short of an alien invasion."

Egypt - “Egypt Might Not Need Fighter Jets, but the US Keeps Sending Them" NPR’s Morning Edition (August 2013)


- KENYA - 

"There wasn't even smuggled gold — there was no gold!"

“The Con Man Who Took Down His Country Then Ran for Office" NPR’s Planet Money (March 2013)


"When I walk down the street some people just shouting 'Hey! John Lennon! Where you going?'"

“How to Have Fun Under Sharia Law in Aceh Indonesia" PRI’s The World (February 2011)


"So how long have you been harassing women like this?"

That time I interviewed my sexual harasser on PRI’s The World (November 2013)